Maintain Healthy Trees by Trimming & Pruning

Arborists Cutting Branches — Tree Cutting in Midlothian, VA

Tree Pruning Pros

If you need to have your trees trimmed or pruned, Woodchuckers Tree Service, Inc can help with that. We work very hard to make sure your trees are healthy and looking great. We also make sure that large branches aren't in danger of damaging your roof, car, or other things below it.
Call (804) 387-6000 for tree trimming and pruning today.

Why Should my Trees be Trimmed

  • Improve the health of the tree
  • Improve look of the tree
  • Increase exposure to sun better air circulation
  • Increase size of fruit for fruit bearing trees
  • Combat root loss in new trees
  • Improve view of your property


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