Completely Remove Your Tree with the Stump Grinding Specialists

Man grinding tree stump on machine — Stump Grinder in Midlothian, VA
Let's say you moved into a new house and the previous owners had a tree removed from the yard, but they left the stump. If you want that unsightly and unsafe stump removed, Woodchuckers Tree Service, Inc should be your first call for all your stump grinding and removal needs.

We call it stump grinding because that's exactly how it's done. A large rotating blade chips away at the stump until a small crater remains and the stump is virtually gone. After that, we fill the crater and your stump problems are over. Call (804) 387-6000 to remove a stump at your home or business.

Why Should I Remove my Tree Stump

  • Stumps are ugly to look at and don't help your curb appeal
  • Prevent termites, ants, and other insects from gathering
  • No more mowing around stump
  • Remove tripping hazard
Shredder for Sawn Wood — Stump Grinder in Midlothian, VA


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