Expert Tree Removal

Woodchuckers Tree Service, Inc will help with all your tree removal needs no matter how many or how large the trees might be. There are a various number of reasons why a tree might need to be removed like health or space for building new structures. Whatever your reason for needing your trees removed, you can rest assured that our professionally trained staff will remove your tree safely. Call (804) 387-6000 today if you need tree removal.

How to Know if Your Tree Should be Removed

  • Trunk damage like vertical cracks and seams or signs of decay
  • Hollow tree
  • Large dead branches
  • Half of tree has dead branches
  • Small branches sprouting from trunk
  • Fungus growing at bottom of tree
Contact our tree experts at (804) 387-6000 if you're unsure about the health of your tree and if it should be removed.
Truck hauling tree stumps — Tree Trimming in Midlothian, VA


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