Safely Removing Large Trees


Specializes Tree Removal

Woodchuckers Tree Service, Inc's line of work isn't always the safest. In fact, some tree removal is labeled as dangerous or hazardous because of the size of the tree or its location. We specialize in so many different tree services and dangerous take downs are one of them.

With our many years of experience removing all kinds of trees, our staff is well trained and equipped to take care of your large or dangerous tree removal safely. If you have a very tall tree, or a tree that's near power lines, houses, or city streets and you need it removed, call the dangerous tree take down specialists at (804) 387-6000.
Men remove large tree — Tree Removal in Midlothian, VA

How to Know if Your Tree is a Dangerous Takedown

  • Tall and towering trees
  • Trees that sway violently in the wind
  • Leaning trees
  • Trees near powerlines
  • Hollow trees


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